Prairieland Gold

So much more than milking cows…

At Prairieland Dairy our mission is to create a new kind of dairy. One that is open and transparent while serving cows, people and the planet. When you buy Prairieland products, you join us in an effort to better our environment, economy and community. Not only do you get an all natural compost at a fair price, you get a peace of mind in knowing you purchased a product that was made in a sustainable, environment friendly way.


Waste Collections

Turn your waste into useful compost.


  • Lincoln adds approximately seven pounds of waste per capita to the landfill every day.
  • 17% of waste going to landfills is food waste.
  • 85% of all waste going to landfills is compostable.

Give us a call for more information (402) 791-2228


Compost Pricing:

40lb bag: $6.00
1 yard (back of a pick-up): $35.00
Over 15 yards: $25.00/yard

Compost Delivery:

Delivery of 7 yards: $4.00/mile
One way Price
Delivery more than 7 yards: call Gana Trucking – 402-794-5000
Spreader Rent: $25.00/day